Series 3 of Catastrophe is back, and it's bloody funny 5 years ago

Series 3 of Catastrophe is back, and it's bloody funny

Were you googling 'Fat Johnny Depp' last night? because we were.

The award-winning Catastrophe has finally returned to our screens, written by and starring Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, we're happy to report that the Channel 4 series DID NOT DISAPPOINT.


We won't give too much away in case you're waiting for a good old fashion BINGE, but we can say that it shows no signs of weakening.

Those invested in these characters should be warned; the mood is darkening, and it looks like there could be some choppy waters ahead. Real life seems to be at the forefront of this series with Rob off the wagon and out of a job.

The series picks up right where the cliffhanger left off and the hilarity ensues when Sharon Horgan's character can't quite recall if she's strayed.

If one moment stands out for us, it has to be when Rob confesses to trawling through Sharon's search history;

"It’s primarily black guys and fat Johnny Depps. I can’t compete with that".

Cue every single person in the UK and Ireland wondering what fat Johnny Depp looks like.



If this is the sign of things to come, we could be looking at the best season yet.