You can now get paid over €200 an hour to eat roast potatoes 1 year ago

You can now get paid over €200 an hour to eat roast potatoes

Yes, you read that correctly.

A UK bar and restaurant chain is looking to hire one jammy individual to taste-test their roast dinner offerings.


The Botanist is currently on the hunt for a "pro-tato tester". The successful candidate will try out the restaurant's roast potatoes, meats and more in order to provide the restaurant with some valuable feedback.

An advert posted on the chain's website reads: "If you know what makes a special spud or a how-to-build roast worth a boast, then we have got the perfect weekend job for you.

"We're on the hunt for a paid roast reviewer who will make sure our new sharing roast is always share-worthy.

"The role has been created to ensure our 'family-share sharing roasts' are up to their Sunday best."


The job will require the pro-tato tester to bring five others along with them to a tasting session on Sunday 19 September.

The potato-lover will then have to write a 500-word review of their experience or create a 60-second video for Instagram or TikTok.

Best of all, the lucky candidate will be paid for their important work. The Botanist will pay the tester £500 (€582), which amounts to an hourly rate of £200 (€233).


On top of that, they'll also receive a monthly roast for two. Nice work if you can get it.

Now, the role is UK based, but The Botanist has over 20 locations, so if you happen to be near one on that date (and you're obsessed with roasties) then definitely go for it.

To apply, you'll need to explain in less than 500 words why you'd make the perfect pro-tato tester, and explain where you would submit your review.

For more information and to fill out an application form, head to The Botanist's website right here.