Costa is selling Terry's Chocolate Orange hot chocolate this Christmas 3 weeks ago

Costa is selling Terry's Chocolate Orange hot chocolate this Christmas

Christmas is arriving early to a hot drink near you.

And mark my words, you'll be celebrating the festive season in your mouth long before the 25th!

This week, there's some orange news to keep your sweet tooth happy over the next few weeks, because Costa Coffee has jumped on the citrus flavoured bandwagon - and the result is nothing short of glorious.

The coffee shop will be offering Terry's Chocolate Orange hot chocolate in a few weeks. So, let's just imagine the scene: you're on a walk (your 8th of the week, nonetheless) with a delicious hot chocolate, made even better with orange flavour. Winter is starting to look up already.

The best part is that you don't have to wait weeks or months to get your mouth around this cup of heaven. The new drink launches on November 3 and since we're mid-lockdown this is something that's sure going to brighten up things... even just a little.

Not only are Costa launching the Terry's Chocolate Orange hot choc, but they have gone that bit further and announced a few more limited edition Christmas drinks for the festive season. These drinks include a Quality Street Purple One latte, Quality Street Purple One hot chocolate, After Eight hot chocolate.

Take a second a read that list again. You can't tell me your mouth isn't watering reading that. Mine is.

When I think Christmas those are the sweets that pop into my head: Quality Street for stuffing your face during the day time, Terry's Chocolate Orange for after dinner, and a nice few slices of After Eight as a nightcap.

The Purple One latte comes with a 'Purple One' chocolate and every cup of After Eight hot chocolate is accompanied by a slice of After Eight. Last but not least, the Terry's Chocolate Orange hot chocolate comes with a Terry's Chocolate Orange piece.

Looks like we'll be celebrating Christmas early this year - in our mouths, specifically - a good few weeks before the 25th arrives.