Finally – FINALLY – someone has made a plant-based milk that is perfect for adding to tea 1 year ago

Finally – FINALLY – someone has made a plant-based milk that is perfect for adding to tea

A game-changer.

We Irish are the heaviest tea drinkers per capita in the world, *averaging five cups per day – with many people drinking even more.


And we like our cuppa served with milk, thanks.

However, up until now, finding a plant-based alternative for cows' milk has been pretty tricky. Because trust me; I have tried.

While I long since started taking my latte with oat milk (perfect froth, delicious taste), I often found that it did now, in fact, work as well with tea.

Nor did almond milk. Or coconut milk. Or pretty much any plant drink I tried to add to my tea.


Until now.

Now, the clever folks at Alpro have launched a total game-changer, the Alpro My Cuppa. AKA the one and only plant-based product that performs like semi-skimmed milk in tea, meaning one thing, no curdling!

Working hard with tea-lovers and tea-experts alike, Alpro developed MyCuppa specifically for the Irish tea drinker, delivering a brilliant cuppa that is 100% plant-based, low in sugars, and made with sustainably sourced soya.


And trust me, Alpro MyCuppa ticks all the boxes when it comes to colour, texture, and flavour. That tannin tartness you find when mixing plant-based with tea is gone and MyCuppa allows you to get the perfect colour to your cuppa, while letting the flavour of your tea truly shine through, and it’s just creamy enough to let the taste linger for longer.

If that wasn’t enough. Alpro MyCuppa will be available in smaller, perfectly portioned for tea 750ml cartons containing 25 x 30ml serves – or slightly more if you’re a ‘just a drop!’ kind of tea drinker.

Alpro MyCuppa is available from Tesco, SuperValu and Dunnes Store for €2.39