Lidl's wine cooler handbags with a secret nozzle are back in store soon 1 year ago

Lidl's wine cooler handbags with a secret nozzle are back in store soon

How boujie?

Summer is here, and you know what that means - time to go meet up with your mates in small groups outdoors.


It's an incredible time to be alive; made only better by the fact that from next month you'll be able to buy yourself a wine cooler bag that has a secret nozzle on the side.

From June 3 Lidl will be selling the really quite stylish handbag (no, really) in their middle aisle for the second year in a row. Each bag comes with a secret compartment with a 1.5 litre beverage bag and a secret nozzle so you can avail of your liquids without even opening your sack.

Absolute scenes.


And listen, if you fancied not filling the bag with an alcoholic beverage, you needn't.

You could stick some fruit juice in there, you could have some Iron Bru, you could even fill it up with some refreshing H20 if that's the vibe you're after.

The possibilities are endless. No bottles needed.

The wine cooler bag will be dropping into Lidl's middle aisle from next month. Unsurprisingly, lockdown has encouraged us Irish to enjoy our fair share of wines while we all sit in our homes and lament the days of actually socialising in real life bars.


Those days will be upon us again some day soon, but until then, we can't possibly go wrong with a classy bag of wine... in an actual bag.

Last year, this product cost just €29.99, and while we don't have a price tag for this year's just yet, we're truly hoping that it's just as good value.