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Portland-based ice cream company Salt & Straw wants to draw attention to food waste.

The small batch chef-driven company is crafting a whole host of new flavours made exclusively from food that otherwise would have been thrown away.

Salt & Straw are known for their off-beat take on classic flavours; their chocolate ice cream is laced with marshmallow fluff, and their strawberry holds hints of honey balsamic vinegar and black pepper.

Just look.



So, as you can see ( we're just cleaning up the drool)  you can be sure their 'food waste' flavours will be up to scratch.

Second-Steeped Rum Spices and Apple Butter are the first in a series of new flavours.

Speaking to Fast Company, founder Kim Malek said,

“ We were really struck by the idea that we waste 40% of our food in the United States, and that children in our cities are going hungry ”.

Around a third of the food produced in the world is lost or wasted each year, this amounts to around 1.3 BILLION tons. A small ice cream shop probably won't make a massive dent in the grand scheme of things, but at least they're doing something.

We'l be thinking twice before throwing away over-ripe strawberries or brown bananas, they could become something extraordinary.


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