Starbucks' new Happy Hedgehog cups would be the perfect pairing for a park date 1 year ago

Starbucks' new Happy Hedgehog cups would be the perfect pairing for a park date

These are so cute!

Starbucks are well known for their novelty cups but out of all the ones they've brought out over the years, these are our favourites.


Starbucks has recently released a summer-ready “Happy Hedgehog” collection of merch and it is just too adorable!

Rather than the traditional hedgehog in the forest theme, the Happy Hedgehog collection is desert inspired.

The reusable Starbucks products have design details that are a combination of cacti and of course hedgehogs.


It sounds like an odd combination on paper but the results are really cute so major points to whoever on the design team thought up this collection.

The collection includes ceramics mugs that you can use to add a bit of hedgehog fun to your work from home desk.

It also includes takeaway cups and bottles that you can use at your local Starbucks or other coffee branch, or even fill up with water or lemonade for a hike or picnic in the park.


Personally I'm absolutely obsessed with the green coffee mug with little hedgehog companion, but the white bottle with the cactus stopper is a close second.

We don't have a price yet for these cups and bottles because, and this part might make you cry, they are currently not available in Ireland.

I know, we're sobbing.


The “Happy Hedgehog” collection is currently only available at Starbucks branches in Hong Kong and Macau but we're hoping they will be made available online very soon.

As this adorable collection is going viral it would really be a missed opportunity on Starbucks' part not to put them in more branches - or on their online store.

We truly hope that they come to their senses soon and realise we are in a global pandemic... and we need really cute cups to get us through it.