Vicky Phelan to return home in summer "to see my kids" 2 years ago

Vicky Phelan to return home in summer "to see my kids"

Vicky's doctor gave her the good news yesterday.

Cervical cancer campaigner Vicky Phelan revealed that she will be permitted to leave the US and return to Ireland to spend time with her children.


Phelan is currently undergoing treatment on a clinical trial in Maryland.

In an IGTV video last night, Phelan spoke about how much she misses her family and shared the good news that her doctor will allow her to see them again in summer.

"I broached the subject of me going home in the summer to see my kids and my family and my friends," Vicky said. "I got very upset as I was talking about how much I miss my kids and how I need to see them.

"My poor doctor didn't know where to look! His response was exactly what I needed to hear right now. He told me he will definitely get me home for at least a month in the summer to see my kids.


"I really, really needed to hear that today."

Vicky spoke about how difficult her treatment has been, particularly as there appeared to be no end in sight, or an indication of when she can be with her family.

"At least now I know that I will be heading home sometime in July, which is only 9 weeks away. I can DO that."

Elsewhere in the post, Phelan explains that she's been dealing with pain in her back recently. She added that she usually fears new pain means that her tumours have spread, but in this case it is most likely the result of inflammation from her immunotherapy drugs.


"I am going to increase the pain meds and see if that helps for the moment and keep an eye on it and report back to my team in two weeks."