Gym Equipment Is Even Dirtier Than We Imagined 6 years ago

Gym Equipment Is Even Dirtier Than We Imagined

Germs are everywhere.

We know that for a fact, but did you ever wonder just how dirty some of the places you frequent the most are?


Think about the gym. Think about all the people using the same equipment, weights and machines and not always cleaning them down like you're meant to.

The guys over at FitRated have actually gathered bacteria samples at three different gyms and tested them all to see if they had potential to 'form colonies'. Vom.


Over 70% of germs found could be harmful to humans, with over a million bacteria cells per square inch on your treadmill, it's a lot to take in.


Your free weights? They have 362 times more bacteria than your toilet seat.

We need a lie-down/to sanitise everything we own.

Let's just bring steriliser wipes with us, and we'll be grand. Right?

(Infographic via FitRated)