Here's What Your Irish Name Actually Means (Part 2) 7 years ago

Here's What Your Irish Name Actually Means (Part 2)

Irish names are beautiful.

Half the fun of a trip abroad is having to change your name to something more palatable when the locals struggle to get their exotic little mouths around Gubnet. Tina it is.


Many of us are stumped when asked what our stunning Irish names mean, so I've done some research and am happy to present my extremely accurate findings below.


The phonetic pronunciation of Eileen is actually very close to the meaning of the name. With this name, you tend to lean on others for emotional support quite frequently. You're a big fan of pirates, loitering and refurbishing antique furniture. Girls called Eileen are usually very caring and sound.




A bit of a show-off, Shona likes to tell you how well-traveled and exciting she is. Her comfort zone is knee deep in a yoga class being shown a difficult Indian technique that she can share her wealth of knowledge on. She's a divil. Girls called Shona are usually very caring and sound.




Dr. Dolittle, as her friends call her, Bríd is animal obsessed. She's got more pets than friends, and why the flip not? Having completed her veterinary degree with first class honors, she set up her own animal breeding farm and is loving life. She's also trying to find a cure for asthma - what a woman! Girls called Bríd are usually very caring and sound.




A bit of a divil with the slot machines, Biddy loves trying to make a quick buck. She's always at auctions, outbidding her frenemies to secure the coveted ancient Roman tunic fasteners. That'll make Miley regret his decisions! Her handbag is permanently laden with scratchcards and lotto tickets in the hopes of winning her millions. Girls called Biddy are usually very caring and sound.



This girl is the Bermuda Triangle of personalities. Maeve is very mysterious and may have killed someone in the past, not that it would ever come to light. She's quite secretive and never gives much away. Her favourite TV series is Hey Arnold and she detests Tom Cruise. Girls called Maeve are usually very caring and sound.




A bit of a neat freak, Erin loves to have things clean and tidy. You'll call round to her house and your shoes will be off before you've hit the driveway. Everything is covered in sheets to protect the furniture, which are then left outside at night for airing purposes. It's exhausting being her friend, but you do it nonetheless. Girls called Erin and usually very caring and sound.



Friends describe her as "mad" and "gas", but she is literally an alien. Sent here from the planet Flumpty, Aileen is learning everything she can about humanity to head back and report her findings to the head aliens. She often does weird things such as putting milk in before the teabag, which has alerted some to her extra-terrestrial tendencies. Girls called Aileen are usually very caring and sound.



A reformed thief, Cáit is trying to turn her life around after being caught stealing a lipstick from Tesco. She spent an evening in the security department of the supermarket and that was enough to frighten her into a life of model behaviour. Cáit now reads to elderly dogs in the evenings and washes her neighbours' carpets on the weekends, what a transformation. Girls called Cáit are usually very caring and sound.



An inquisitive soul, Caoimhe wants to know everything about this world. She's got degrees coming out her armpits but is still searching for a deeper meaning of life. "Can we've a better explanation of that?", she was famous for saying in lectures. She loves pruning her bonsai tree and killing her sister's Tamagotchis. Girls called Caoimhe are usually very caring and sound.



She fancies herself as the next X Factor winner and will stop at nothing to get there. Given that Rihanna has used Una's name in her lyrics (Una-na, what's my name?), she's taken it as a sign that her future is solid in the music industry. She's the first one with a guitar out at parties and a harmonica is always close to hand. Girls called Una are usually very caring and sound.


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