Woman informs co-workers that her diet starts tomorrow 6 years ago

Woman informs co-workers that her diet starts tomorrow

This is a breaking news story.

Dublin 8 native Niamh Murphy has announced this morning that her diet will officially begin tomorrow, 11th October.


The news comes after what Niamh described as a heavy weekend of drinking, takeaways and nibbles. Having visited the gym three times last week, she felt she'd let herself down and undone all of the good work achieved.

It was announced during a conversation with a co-worker, who spotted Niamh having four sausage rolls at her desk at around 9.35am this morning. It's being reported that Niamh bravely responded with "Diet starts tomorrow, promise!", which piqued the interest of a nearby source who contacted us with the story.

"Yeah, I've worked with Niamh for a few years now. She's a really nice girl. I don't really know her outside of work, but from what I know of her in here, she's always seemed very normal. I couldn't believe she just blurted out her diet plans like that in the middle of the office, in front of everyone. It's not the kind of thing you'd ever expect to hear, so I was really taken aback. I wish her the best of luck with her diet anyway. This time."

Fit young woman fighting off fast food

This inspiring image was said to be Niamh's screensaver earlier today.

It's expected that Niamh will have one final blowout meal this evening, followed by clearing out the cupboards of all goodies and treats.

Reports suggest that Ms Murphy is said to be planning another three gym trips again this week, along with cooking dinners from the 'Lean In 15' cookbook every night. She's going to swap her morning Latte for an Americano and snack on a handful of nuts if absolutely necessary.

We'll bring you more on this gripping story as we get it.