Opinion: The Love Island ladies deserve better 1 year ago

Opinion: The Love Island ladies deserve better

Just give the prize to all the women, tbh.

Love Island's been back on our screens for over a week now, and the public's reaction to it has been decidedly mixed.


For starters, many have taken issue with the show's over-reliance on cliff-hangers, while others have felt that there is a distinct lack of chemistry between the islanders.

Last night, however, fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment with the behaviour of the show's male contestants.

The latest episode saw Liberty and Jake head to the hideaway and enjoy their first night alone together. The next morning, Jake blind-sided her at brunch by telling her that his head "could be turned" by another blonde. A visibly rattled Liberty then shared this with Kaz, who reacted, appropriately, with "Excuse me?"


Viewers were also unimpressed by Toby's behaviour, and were worried he was leading Kaz on. Last night, Toby told her that he wanted to "dive into the deep end", but fans feared he might be stringing her along to secure his place in the villa.

Meanwhile, after saving him from being dumped, Rachel made an effort to get to know Brad a little better. Unfortunately, it didn't take him long to tell her that he would consider coupling up with another girl. He then proceeded to add salt to the wound by telling the bombshell that she was a 9/10.


Unsurprisingly, this upset Rachel, who later shared her concerns with Faye, who is struggling to connect with Liam. Over brunch, the couple shared awkward silences aplenty, as the Welshman gave her very little to work with.

Fans that had been holding out for hope for Sharon and Aaron were also left disappointed. Aaron told the boys that he couldn't see her becoming a housewife, which was, for some reason, a concern for him.


The only couple that seemed to be unproblematic was Hugo and Chloe, who are only together as friends. However, the teaser for tonight's episode suggests that Hugo might have done something to upset another islander, so we're not exactly getting our hopes up.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player.