One Irish mammy went to extreme lengths to ensure her travelling daughter stayed up to date with the soaps 5 years ago

One Irish mammy went to extreme lengths to ensure her travelling daughter stayed up to date with the soaps

Most people dream of jumping on a jet plane and heading off travelling for a few weeks. The excitement and adventure is enough to make anyone forget about the day to day woes of life and revitalise the spirit.

Still, are you wander through unfamiliar streets, life at home resumes at its usual pace. So too do your favourite TV programmes so you ca expect to be completely lost when you return.


When one Irish girl went travelling for 5 weeks, her dutiful mother went to extreme measures to make sure her daughter could be kept up to date. reader Lorna Gillingham explains:

“Since my mum and I usually enjoy sitting down and watching Coronation Street and Eastenders together, she made a summary for me of all the episodes I missed while I was away, so that when I returned, I would know exactly what's been going on.”

She explains that her mother Nora would sit down and watch the first half of every episode, pause it and write a brief summary before watching the rest and repeating the process.





Lorna explains that the mammoth task undertaken by her mother shows just how kind and caring she is.

“It's a lovely thing, it really is. My mum is an absolute legend, everyone who knows her will say that. This time last year she was starting Chemo and now she is back to her usual self, putting everyone before her.”





The pairs soap addiction is so prominent in their lives that Lorna’s father has dedicated a TV room just to them and their TV viewing habits.

“My dad has slagged us for years, and in recent years, designated another room in the house to be mine and Mums TV Room because he and my brother can't stand watching them! They used to laugh at us when we'd go away for a couple of weeks, and we would record the soaps and then sit down for an entire day on our return and just binge watch them!” writes Lorna.

We cannot commend Nora more highly for her tireless summaries – in fact, we wouldn’t mind some photocopies.