Outrage after man criticises wife for bleeding after birth 1 year ago

Outrage after man criticises wife for bleeding after birth

He told her he "doesn't need to see" her used products.

A Reddit user has taken to the Am I the A**hole subreddit to explain a recent infuriating situation between her and her husband.


In her post, the woman asks the online community: "(Am I the A**hole) for telling my husband I'll dispose of my feminine products when he wipes better?"

The anonymous user went on to explain that her husband recently took issue with seeing her used sanitary products in the bin of their bathroom.

She writes: "I just had a baby so I’m still bleeding and I can’t wear tampons so I wear pads. When I change my pad, I wrap it in toilet paper and usually the wrapper that the other one came in but sometimes just toilet tissue.

"My husband always tells me it’s really gross when he goes to the bathroom and can see the bloody tissue that my pad is wrapped in and he doesn’t need to see that."


She went on to explain that the pair got into a fight after he said it's "disgusting" to see the products, and that he "no one needs to know" when she's on her period. The woman, however, isn't even on her period, she's experiencing bleeding after giving birth to their child.

She said: "I told him I would start disposing of my pads the way he wants me to when he learns how to wipe better and I don’t have to scrub shit stains out of his boxers.

Her husband then told her that she was "out of line", and opted to sleep in the guest bedroom for a few nights after that.


Needless to say, others in the online community were firmly on the woman's side.

One user wrote: "I can't believe she married someone who is grossed out by pads and 'doesn't need to see that'.

"Menstruation is a fact of life for half the population and it's not optional. Also she just had his baby how is she supposed not to bleed [sic]."

Another poster called the relationship "unequal" and said that the husband is "so focused on his own needs while you are still recovering from the immense trauma of birthing his child."