Rebecca Humphries pens emotive Vogue article following split from Seann Walsh 1 year ago

Rebecca Humphries pens emotive Vogue article following split from Seann Walsh

Rebecca Humphries has penned an emotive article for Vogue following her split from Seann Walsh.

The actor said that she wanted to thank those who had support her following the breakup and address the new strength she had found in herself.

She dumped the comedian over a month ago after he was caught cheating on her with fellow Strictly Come Dancing contestant Katya Jones.

At the time, she wrote that Walsh had called her "crazy" for suggesting that he was cheating on her and urged other women to trust their instincts.

This week, in an article for Vogue, Humphries said that it had been a "revelatory few weeks" and that she had forgotten how strong she was.

She said:

"On October 8, I had an aim: to present a more fully formed and accurate version of a woman than the neater, simpler character of 'spurned partner' that was already being run with.

"The woman whose truth I was standing up for was myself. In doing so came revelation number one; that of a strength and resoluteness I had forgotten I possessed."

Humphries went on to say that she was surprised to see the details of her life "splashed across front pages by complete strangers" and that she wanted to thank those who offered their support.

She went on:

"But perhaps the biggest shock (no mean feat), has been of the thousands of people who recognised the Wonder Woman behind that statement was at the same time standing in the ruins of a shattered reality - and their rush to offer humour, perspective and life-force to help rebuild it."

"It has gifted me the tools to sweep up the shattered bits and rebuild myself - but better," she said. "This time round I shall be diamond studded with self-worth."

Walsh and Jones were the fifth couple to be voted off Strictly a few weeks back.

Jones maintains that her marriage was not hurt by the incident.