Ann and Barry - Where are they now? 3 years ago

Ann and Barry - Where are they now?

Ann and Barry, am I right? 

Those loveable scamps played a very key role in many of our childhoods, providing us with fun, laughter and a plethora of entertainment with their nonsensical lifestyles.

But what every became of Ann and Barry? Surely they were destined for greatness all along. Surely?

Let's find out.


Not entirely unexpected based on her adventures in the books, Ann developed a bit of a shopping addiction as she approached her teenage years. She progressed into shoplifting and was eventually apprehended selling counterfeit Burberry clothing on the black market.

She spent six years in a Japanese prison and inspired the book and subsequent film, 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. Ann was released from prison just in time to see the release of the film and go to the premiere with stars such as Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy and Nick Cornish in attendance.


Nowadays, Ann runs a centre for children whose lives were documented in books, and are now suffering from the repercussions of peaking too early (CWLWDIBAANSFTROPTE for short). So far, she's helped over five children to get their lives back on track and hopes to help many more in the future. We wish her all the best!



As expected, Barry took over the family farm when his commitments with the publishers ended. He tripled their livestock in a very short space of time and won awards all over the world for the shine he managed to achieve on his cattles' coats.

Never one to hide his love of jam, Barry legally married a pot of the fruity treat on his 28th birthday. He was wed to Janine in a quiet ceremony just outside Borris-In-Ossory, with a select few friends and family members in attendance. Noticeably missing was Ann, who refuses to acknowledge the bizarre pairing.

Now, Barry and Janine live in a gorgeous thatched cottage they built beside the family farm, with their two children. They've had testing times together, what with Barry's daily struggle to prevent himself from consuming her. We wish them the very best. Stay strong, Barry!




Original images via CJ Fallon and Zimbio