EXPOSED: Daniel O' Donnell's rejected Facebook posts are worse than we imagined 4 years ago

EXPOSED: Daniel O' Donnell's rejected Facebook posts are worse than we imagined

Daniel O'Donnell is giving the nation life today.

Last night, he posted the following on his Facebook page:

There's a lot I love about this. The caption, the shirt, the terrible camera angle, the specificity of how the mackerel was cooked, and what appears to be a Child of Prague statue sitting on top of the cabinet behind him.

I managed to hack into Daniel's Facebook drafts and see what other photos were taken before the one above. We can only assume his management deemed the following unsuitable. Here's what I found, along with the captions Daniel had drafted for Facebook...



"Not that I'm much of an Irish dancer but won this at the feis today. I am so proud of myself and Majella says we can put it on the mantelpiece"




"I love a bargain. Can't believe these perfectly good straws were going for half price at the supermarket earlier. For that price you just couldn't leave them behind"




"Got myself 3D printed. Never realised I was such a handsome divil"




"Going to have this for supper. Delicious drink, very excited to try it #spon"




"Found a wonderful new app for making friends, everyone is so friendly, really enjoying myself"


2 for 1


"2 for 1 on Child of Prague statues. Well on my way to having a fine big Children of Prague collection"


Summer Glow


"Getting my summer glow out of a bottle this year, not that you'd notice. Can't recommend this product enough #spon #ad"




"Got a stylish cycling face mask in a new shop down town. Very reasonable prices and good quality products. Keeps the wind out!"