Here's what your piercing says about you 7 years ago

Here's what your piercing says about you

Which actor expresses himself through several holes in his body? Pierce Brosnan.

Piercings are a very cool way to decorate your body. They're a slightly tamer version of tattoos, in the sense that you can change your mind at some point and it will usually close up within a short amount of time.


You can tell a lot about a person based on the piercings that various appendages of their bodies contain. This is based on an extensive study undertaken by the department of science and research.

Here's what your piercing says about you.



Image of a beautiful precious piece of jewel hanging from ear

No matter which inventive piece of cartilage you've chosen to pierce on your ear, you're quite a gentle and timid soul. You're rarely involved in any kind of confrontation whatsoever and mostly keep to yourself. You're a self-professed basic bitch and there's no shame in it. A quiet night's gossip with the girls and a bottle of Prosecco is the height of your weekend activities. You're really into star signs and actually though the Fifty Shades of Grey film was very good, despite popular opinion.




Face of a readhead female model.

There's not a quirkier soul on Earth than your fine self. From the moment you were born, you were determined to be different. You've been in tie-dye clothes since your first birthday and to date, your hair has been approximately sixteen different colours. You do yoga along with your dog called Dostoyevsky (after your alleged favourite writer even though you've never read any of his work). It's your dream to be cast in a Wes Anderson film and you look for hidden meanings in old episodes of Hey Arnold, then post it on your blog.




Woman has a piercing in the language

You're the first one to suggest a night out and friends know it's certainly not going to be a quiet one when you're involved. You know the doormen by their first names at every bar and somehow always manage to stay for a lock in. Your body is 80% alcohol at all times and colleagues have literally never seen you anything other than obscenely hungover. Every photo you've been in since 2008 hushes any queries as to whether you've got your tongue pierced, because it's always on display. It cost €40 to get done but by Christ you've gotten your money's worth.



Waist of a woman


It took until you reached the legal age of 18 for you to legally get your bellybutton pierced, as your Mam refused to go with you prior to then. You hid the piercing extremely well for two years, until an elaborate yawn exposed your deadly deed one Sunday afternoon. Mam was distraught, but slowly came around. Obviously, you're a complete rebel, always dodging the law in such dangerous ways as briefly parking on double yellow lines and paying your car tax a month after it expires. Winona Rider is your idol and she was dead right to shoplift that time.



Studio shot of a beautiful brunette woman isolated on whitehttp://


You are legitimately a lunatic and need to be sent for some sort of evaluation to determine the best practice for your life going forward. You do nonsense things like disappearing on a night out or trying to smuggle £1.5m of cocaine into Peru for the laugh. Nobody ever knows what you're going to do next, you fall out of contact with friends for months at a time, only to resurface with a new tattoo and boyfriend each time. You've your Mother's heart broke in two with your carry on, young lady.



Brown female eye with an eyebrow piercing

You give off quite a stern vibe that is often misconstrued as aggression. People are often quite scared of you because you once put a girl in hospital after accidentally running into her in P.E. and knocking out her front teeth. Underneath it all, you're a big softie who just wants to be hugged unexpectedly. You check in on elderly neighbours during the winter months and anonymously send love letters to Marty Whelan as you eagerly await your three stars being pulled out on Winning Streak, you ambitious little charmer.



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