The internet can't stop laughing at this ultimate dad joke 5 years ago

The internet can't stop laughing at this ultimate dad joke

Dad jokes are objectively awful, but also good.

They're called dad jokes - but you don't have to be a father to recognise the type of gags that fall under that category.


We've made no secret of our love of dad jokes in the past. When you reach a certain age, you bored trying to make people laugh at your jokes, opting for the vastly superior groan of annoyance or - better yet - silent disapproval.

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Making your own dad joke is easy, but crafting the perfect one is difficult. Like building some Ikea shelves without the instructions or raising a son who can express their feelings in a healthy way and rejects all aspects of toxic masculinity.

Usually, they contain a line so obvious that most people don't bother telling them and if they elicit a laugh, it's normally a very brief one before angry, annoyed looks are cast in your direction.


Twitter user @enterjeshikari posted a screengrab of a message sent to her by her father on Tuesday and it's been shared thousands of times since.

It grew so popular that Jess has ended up trending in London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester and Sheffield.

All for this…


And if there's one thing the internet loves more than a dad bod, it's a dad joke..


Could you do better?