Olivia Colman says the iconic 'Kev and Bev' AA adverts lost her some acting jobs 3 years ago

Olivia Colman says the iconic 'Kev and Bev' AA adverts lost her some acting jobs

"We used to have one of those."

Look lads, the AA is iconic for a lot of reasons.


They've been around for a long time. Everybody knows who they are and what they do. They'll make sure you're only waiting at the side of the road for a few hours before they show up and save the day.

Great bunch of lads.

The AA reached peak iconography back in the day when they ran their stunning 'Kev and Bev' ad starring the wonderful, Academy Award nominated Olivia Colman.

And, eh, some bloke.



If you're at all unfamiliar with the ad (how would you be?), here's what goes down.

Fancy Kev and Bev (wearing suits in a nice car) roll up to standard Kev and Bev (wearing hoodies and in a bit of a banger) at the traffic lights.

They exchange pleasantries before standard Kev says: "Nice car" to which fancy Bev replies: "Thanks, we used to have one of those.



The gag here is that both Bevs and Kevs are played by the same actors, meaning that there's two Olivia Colmans shouting Bev and Kev for the entirety of the ad.

The clip was recently unearthed following Colman's Oscar nom, leading to her eventually addressing it herself and admitting that she actually lost some acting jobs because of it.



She told The Mirror:

"AA! That has become the bane of my life.

"I thought they were going to run that for about a week but they ran it for what felt like four times a day for a year. They ran it for a year having just given me a buy-out. It was really annoying. I lost some jobs."

Sure look, you don't need them now, Olivia.

You're doing alright.