People with these names are most likely to cheat 5 years ago

People with these names are most likely to cheat

Cheating, am I right?

Whether it's a game of Scrabble or a five year relationship, you just can't help but feel sad at the thought of it. Some people get angry, others seek revenge, with roughly 1 in 35m people admitting to putting regular milk into an ex's low fat milk carton.


There are many ways to determine if your other half is likely to cheat. They might always insist on being the banker in Monopoly (CODE RED!) or invite their other partner over to the house a lot for Tiramisu.

We conducted some research and have found the names of those most likely to cheat. If your name or your significant other's name matches any of these, be vigilant.



Brian Cheatingscum

Darren Ledastray

Gavin Adulterer

James Unfaithful


Kevin Isacheat

Mark Lyingprick

Paul Playsaround

Rob Norespectforwomen


Jay Z

Simon Wouldrideanything

Tom Promiscuouspenis

William Willcheat





Alison Wooloveryoureyes

Claire Gonnabreakyourheart

Hayley Doesntlikemonogamy

Jennifer Hasfiveboyfriends

Lisa Ischeatingonyou

Niamh Fancieseveryone

Orla Tellslies

Rachel Cheater

Sarah Justhavingalaugh

Tara Twotimer

Biddy from Glenroe

Yvonne Havinganaffair