This Mayo fan car is causing absolute havoc in Dublin 5 years ago

This Mayo fan car is causing absolute havoc in Dublin

All thanks to a smoke machine...

Sometimes having a flag and a jersey just isn't quite enough, we need more and we need bigger, it's All-Ireland Final day after all.


This effort from a group of fellas hailing from Ballyhaunis deserves some recognition, they worked long and hard on it, eventually getting it finished last night. Just in time for today's game.

They decked the car out in Mayo colours and kitted it with a smoke machine in what can only be described as Mayo's answer to Kit from Knight Rider.

Take a bow Padraig Waldron, Declan Murphy, Paul Moran and David Herr...

This Mayo car has a smoke machine, they're going all out on All-Ireland Final day ???

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You can take the lads from Mayo...

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While we don't necessarily agree with causing an obstruction to other drivers, the smoke does dissipate quickly.

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