We've genuinely never seen Starbucks get a name so wrong before 2 years ago

We've genuinely never seen Starbucks get a name so wrong before


Starbucks employees are fairly well known for their stark ability to absolutely get your name painfully wrong.

And how can you blame them? At the end of the day, they've got enough to be doing without needing to spell your name entirely correct, Karen.

Still though, there are certain times you look at a Starbucks cup with a name on it and just think - ah Jesus.

This is one of those times.

Cam is a guy who enjoys his Starbucks drinks the odd time.

He's also a guy who's got a fairly generic name that you'd think everybody would be able to get absolutely right including people who work in Starbucks.

And they can too... except they just don't write it entirely correct.

You see, Cam has an 'a' in the middle of his name and sometimes, people are in such a rush they forget to complete the 'a' so it looks a little bit more like a 'u' than it probably should.

Thus, Cam has been carrying around coffee cups that say 'Cum' instead of 'Cam.'


Yeah. Pretty grim in fairness.

Cam took to Twitter to share his predicament not once, but twice - this is a real issue for him, you see.

Understandably, Cam's tweet racked up a fair number of RTs, leading to everybody making tasteless (ha) ejaculate jokes.

All was not lost though because a few days later, Cam picked up a coffee that clearly read 'Cam' instead of 'Cum.'

His prayers had clearly been answered.