Woman pretends to fart in gym, man stops flirting with her 3 years ago

Woman pretends to fart in gym, man stops flirting with her

A woman who pretended to fart in the gym to get a man to leave her alone has been praised online for her creativity.

The unknown woman was working out in a gym with her friend when a man approached the pair.


According to a witness, the man had "flirtatious eyebrows at the ready."

Once the man began approaching the two women, one of them told him to stop where he was because she had "just farted."

The woman also added that the fart was "bad."

The man in question looked "horrified" and fled the scene.

One of the women asked the other if she had indeed farted. The woman responded that she had not.


The incident was documented by Twitter user, Olivia A. Cole, who praised the faux-farter for her creativity and finesse.

Olivia also added that the woman looked about 21-years-old, which only added to the impression she made on her.

Olivia's tweet has been retweeted over 23,000 times and already received almost 135,000 likes.

Other users were only delighted by it and took it upon themselves to announce that the woman was "a hero."