You have to be over 18 to buy eggs in a Spar now 4 months ago

You have to be over 18 to buy eggs in a Spar now

Not such eggcellent news.

A Spar in Belfast has made the purchasing of a carton of eggs restricted to over 18 year old after the area saw a number of anti-social incidents over the last few weeks.


The West Belfast store located at Twin Spires off the Falls Road has put an age restriction on the breakfast food and those attempting to buy eggs who are under 18 will be refused service.

Notices have been put up on the eggs aisle in the shop to explain to customers the reason behind this and from what they can gather, there will be no exceptions.

The notice says: "A note too all customers. To help support our local community and prevent anti-social behaviour, we have put an age restriction on the sale of eggs.

"To purchase eggs, you must be over 18 years of age. Thank you for your co-operations. Team Spar Twin Spires."


According to Belfast Live, the manager of this Spar has said that there has been a lot of young people involved in incidents with eggs over the last number of weeks.

He said: "Over recent weeks we have noticed anti-social behaviour regarding the use of eggs within the area.

“We made the decision to restrict the sale of eggs in our store from March, to help prevent this and support our local community.


"We work hard liaising with the local community groups and we support any effort that is made to resolve any anti-social behaviour within the area."

MPs in the area are concerned that those throwing eggs onto oncoming traffic will cause an accident to occur and have urged those involved to stop.

One added that it is unfortunate that these measures are needed but must be done to address the issues in the area.