Over 50 people ill due to salmonella outbreak in Dublin 5 years ago

Over 50 people ill due to salmonella outbreak in Dublin

More than 50 people have become ill due to an outbreak of salmonella at a restaurant in north Dublin, the HSE has confirmed.

In a statement, it said people from separate groups have been affected by this outbreak.


"The HSE is aware of more than 50 people (including 4 children) ill from a number of separate groups of family parties supplied by a North Dublin food business on Saturday 13th May and Sunday 14th May.

"To date five people were admitted to hospital and 16 of those ill have been confirmed as salmonella."

A single Dublin eatery has been identified as the common link in these cases, the HSE said.

"The investigation is focused on this business. A Closure Order was served on the food business on Friday 19th May."

The news comes just over a week after a woman in her 50s died from food poisoning after eating at a pub in north Dublin during a private function.

The HSE has urged anyone with a concerns about food poisoning to contact their GP.


"People who think they may be ill as a result of this outbreak may also contact the HSE’s Environmental Health Service or Department of Public Health in Dublin to assist in the investigation of this outbreak."