Angela Scanlon addresses Late Late Show host rumours 5 months ago

Angela Scanlon addresses Late Late Show host rumours

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As we know, Ryan Tubridy will hang up his Late Late Show mic soon with his last show on Friday May 26th.


We still don't know who will replace him as host but there have been plenty of rumours circulating.

Many believe that a female presenter will take on the role after Tubs retires and there are a few worthy candidates.

The Late Late Show has never been presented by a woman except for that one time when Miriam O'Callaghan filled in for Ryan when he was sick during the Covid pandemic.

Among the names being thrown around to take on the role is Angela Scanlon.


The Ask Me Anything host has been mentioned as a potential replacement for the Friday night show many times but has only addressed it now.

Angela was asked in a recent Instagram Q&A box if she would be like to be the next host of the Late Late Show to which she answered: "Oh, f**k no."

In the video, she laughed and said that if she was the show's host she would be "thrown out" and added that her show, Ask Me Anything is "an absolute hoot".

So, it looks like she's quite content where she is on the RTE TV Guide for now.



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The witty presenter opened up about her thoughts on the "traditional format" of a chat show and said it doesn't appeal to her.

She prefers a more relaxed show like Ask Me Anything where celebrity guests agree to be asked, well, absolutely anything.


Speaking to the Irish Independent's Life Magazine Angela said bringing a female onto host the Late Late is "quite a radical thing" considering there are no female hosts on UK chat shows.

Claire Byrne, Doireann Garrihy, Lucy Kennedy, Sarah McInerney and Jennifer Zamparelli are also said to be in the running for the job with Claire Byrne being the bookies favourite.

RTE bosses haven't addressed any of the rumours so looks like we'll just have to wait and see.

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