Another homeless man found dead in Temple Bar this morning 4 years ago

Another homeless man found dead in Temple Bar this morning

Shocking news.

A homeless man was found dead in Temple Bar this morning.


According to, the man could have been there for hours before people found him.

He was discovered without a pulse by charity workers at 2am in Adair Lane in Dublin's Temple Bar.

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A Garda spokesman said: "Gardaí are investigating the sudden death of a man at Adair Lane, Dublin 2. He is yet to be identified.

"The incident is not being treated as suspicious at this time."

After the charity workers found him, they called an ambulance, however, when he was taken into hospital, he was pronounced dead.

Dublin City Councillor Christy Burke told the publication: "Crews were going around checking on rough sleepers at around 11pm and one man reported seeing this fella lying there at around 11pm.


"When he came back at 2am he noticed the man was lying in the exact same position, so he went to take a pulse and found that he was cold.

"They called an ambulance but he was pronounced dead and the doctors said that they believe he was dead for several hours before he was found."

Absolutely tragic news.