Boy who saved little sister from dog attack invited to Spider-Man set 1 year ago

Boy who saved little sister from dog attack invited to Spider-Man set

A real life hero.

A seven-year-old boy who protected his younger sister from a dog attack was invited to the Spider-Man set in recognition of his bravery.


Last year, Bridger Walker needed 90 stitches to his face after putting himself between his younger sister and a German shepherd.

When asked at the time why he put himself in harm's way, he said: "If someone had to die, I thought it should be me."

As his act of bravery and selflessness made the news, Bridger was invited to the set of Spider-Man, where he got the opportunity to meet the film's stars Tom Holland and Zendaya.

On Instagram, Bridger's father Robert explained how the visit went down.


He said: "Remember when @tomholland2013 promised Bridger he could come to the filming of Spider-Man? He delivered! First, a huge thank you to Tom, @harryholland64, @zendaya, and the entire Marvel/Sony cast and crew for this dream-come-true adventure.

"When we first arrived on set, I was a little apprehensive that once the 'curtain was pulled back' that the magic of the movies would be lost for the kids. The opposite was true! Tom, Zendaya, Harry, @lifeisaloha, @tonyrevolori, and the entire cast/crew made our kids feel like stars. They don't just act the part of friendly neighborhood heroes - that's what they truly are."

He continued: "The look on the kids' faces was priceless when we rounded the blue-screen to see Tom, in full costume, high above the set on a light post. It was emotional to see him waive at the kids like he was the one that was supposed to be excited - not the other way around.

"A short time later, Tom and Zendaya came over. I will never forget the grace and kindness they showed our children. Zendaya immediately approached my teenage daughter and told her how much she loved her nails."


He added: "I don't know if she will ever know how much that simple act means to me - to see my sweet daughter light up with self-confidence and joy."

To top the day off in true Spider-Man fashion, Tom Holland let Bridger join him for a "web-swing" stunt.

Robert then thanked everyone involved in making the day so special.