Coffee cup from airport bin could solve murder of a 19 year old woman 8 months ago

Coffee cup from airport bin could solve murder of a 19 year old woman

Such a breakthrough.

A coffee cup that was thrown away in an airport bin could be a vital piece in solving a nearly 50 year old murder case.


According to reports, the cup was discovered at Philadelphia International Airport earlier this year and it led to 68-year-old David Sinopoli being taken into custody last week.

Sinopoli is currently being held without bail in connection to the murder of 19-year-old Lindy Sue Biechler, Pennsylvania authorities have said.

Lindy's body was discovered in December 1975 in her apartment in Lancaster County where she had been stabbed to death, but the person responsible was never identified.

Researchers from a Virginia-based DNA analysis firm have used a new technique to pinpoint Sinopoli as a potential suspect.


The man in question was traced to Philadelphia International Airport’s Terminal A in February, where investgators were waiting for him to throw away a used coffee cup, Heather Adams, the Lancaster County district attorney, said.

After the cup was retrieved by detectives, the DNA analysis found a match between Sinopoli's fingertips and the DNA on Biechler’s underwear. He was arrested on Sunday.

Sinopoli became a person of interest after researcher CeCe Moore looked through newspaper archives and historical records.


Adams added that he had lived in the same apartment building as Biechler.

“This case was solved with the use of DNA and, specifically, DNA genealogy,” Adams said. “And quite honestly, without that, I don’t know that we would have ever solved it.”

In the 46 years since Biechler's murder, the Lancaster County district attorney said that around 300 people had been interviewed about her murder.