This footage shows just how dangerous driving in the snow is 5 years ago

This footage shows just how dangerous driving in the snow is

Be careful, folks.

While Irish roads has seen some mild snowfall in the past few weeks, we haven't quite experienced the amount of snowfall that we saw a few years ago when driving was extremely dangerous due to the levels of black ice that persisted.


In the event of snowfall, the RSA frequently ask drivers to adhere to these 10 tips to ensure better safety on the roads, but as always, accidents can happen.

The first point that the RSA stress in this guide concerns tyre maintenance because in the event of snowfall, it’s vital that your tyres are up to the task in these icy, slippery and dangerous conditions.

Manoeuvring gently, leaving extra distance between you and the vehicle in front and breaking correctly are also vitally important, especially when the conditions are as treacherous as they were in Montreal recently.

Take a look as cars slowly - but very forcibly - crash into each other because of the elements. No matter how safe a driver you are, there's no accounting for the elements.


Take a look as buses, a police car and a salt truck all collide on Montreal's slippery roads.

In the event of snow and ice, be careful on the roads.