Tribute paid to Ashling Murphy in St Brigid’s Day light celebration 1 year ago

Tribute paid to Ashling Murphy in St Brigid’s Day light celebration

The tribute is part of the Herstory light show, illuminating iconic buildings across Ireland.

Ashling Murphy has been honoured in this year's St Brigid's day celebrations.


An image of the young woman in her graduation robes was projected onto a Trinity College building as several other landmarks across the country were lit up to mark 1 February.

Hundreds gathered for the launch of the light projection project and a minute's silence was held for Ashling.

Ashling was just 23 when she was killed while out for a jog in Offaly earlier this month. Her tragic murder sparked outrage throughout the nation.


St Brigid's day marks the beginning of spring and the Celtic festival of Imbolc. From next year, it will officially be a public holiday - the first to be named after a woman.

The lights event was organised by the group Herstory and is a celebration of women who have contributed to Irish society and culture.

Herstory teamed up with Irish Second-Level Students' Union to highlight some of the issues of importance to young people, including education, climate action, mental health, and racism.


"Never before in history have young people risen up together on this scale across the world. Power to students as they lead the light," said Herstory Chief Executive Creative Director Melanie Lynch told the Irish Independent.

Saoirse Exton, ISSU equality officer said:


"Student voice is the key to creating a better world for all, and pulling down outdated systems that threaten our very existence on this planet.

"Young people are the leaders, educators, lawyers, factory-workers, programmers, artists, legislators and so many other things, of the future and by right of our existence we must voice our concerns and the specific issues that affect us.

"By celebrating those that came before and continue to work towards dismantling the system and creating a better world, we are creating spaces for the activists of tomorrow and inviting more young people to join every fight - from climate to reproductive justice."

Feature image via RTÉ News