10 alternative places to add to your travel bucket list 6 months ago

10 alternative places to add to your travel bucket list

We always want to travel. Always.

Whether you're on your own or have the perfect travel buddy, going on adventures around the world is something we should all spend our time on.

If you have caught the travelling bug over the past few years then you have no doubt visited some popular destinations. Paris, Rome, New York, LA, Amsterdam and Dubai have all frequented our mates' Instagram Stories (and maybe our own too).

However, if you want to change things up a bit and travel to a few alternative places, comparethemarket.com has come up with ten very interesting destinations.

Some weird, some wonderful and some that are definitely going on our list:

Pike Place Market - Seattle, USA

"Right across the street from the original (yep, the very first!) Starbucks, you'll find market stalls selling fresh, local produce and you may see fishmongers throwing their catch of the day across the tables to each other."


Pioneer Courtyard Square - Portland, USA

"Often called 'Portland's living room' this multi-use, community driven space is always bustling with activities, events and live music. From concerts and markets in the summer to the spectacular Christmas tree display in winter."


The Marlborough Pub & Theatre - Brighton and Hove, UK

"A historic, haunted place that is now a hub for Brighton's LGBTQ+ arts and theatre scene, Brighton is a must for fans of eclectic theatre and comedy. "


Christiania - Copenhagen, Denmark

"Don't be put off by the signs telling you 'no photos, no running' when you first walk in, Christiania is a liberal 'city within a city' founded by a group of freethinkers in the 70s. About 1000 people actually live there and many visit daily to see the street art and local crafts on sale."


The Wynwood Yard - Miami, USA

"Visit the Wynwood Yard, one of Miami's coolest neighbourhoods, brimming with galleries, dive bars, and quirky shops. You can also see the local community gathering together to enjoy tasty vegan food and live music."


Lake Eola Park - Orlando, USA

"Everybody thinks of Disneyworld when you mention Orlando, but there’s so much more to this wonderful city. Lake Eola Park is one of the more scenic places to visit, with farmers markets, beer gardens, and if you’re feeling romantic a trip on a swan boat."


Sophia De Mello Breyner Andresen - Lisbon, Portugal

"As Portugal’s hipster capital, you’ll walk through cobbled streets, historic centres and visit unique galleries, cocktail bars, and restaurants. Take a trip to Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, to enjoy a hilltop view of a sunset over the city."


Phipps Conservatory - Pittsburgh, USA

"This may not be the first place you think of for a bucket list, but with over 35,000 Instagram posts, Pittsburgh’s Phipps Conservatory and botanical gardens are worth a visit all year round."


Temppeliaukio Church - Helsinki, Finland

"There’s plenty of amazing things to see in Finland’s capital, especially Temppeliaukio Church which is built from solid rock. Don’t worry if you’re not religious as anyone can visit this stunning church, with plenty of live shows taking place, so you can enjoy the surreal acoustics of a rockin' church."


Mollan - Malmo, Sweden

"The Mollevangen neighbourhood in Malmo is a diverse, bohemian centred around the Mollevangstorget Square. Here you'll find markets selling local produce and crafts, as well as small shops selling food from around the world."

Check out the full list here.