Half of young Irish adults still go on holiday with their parents, shows study 1 year ago

Half of young Irish adults still go on holiday with their parents, shows study

Can't imagine why.

Nothing to do with money, surely? We'd hardly be that cheap, would we?


Except yes, yes we would - because half of young Irish adults would happily take a holiday with their parents just so they'd pick up the bill at the end of the day.

Cheapskates, the lot of us.

And yeah, there are definitely a couple of other reasons why people want to holiday with their parents, but the money issue is definitely up there, alright?

New research conducted by Royal Caribbean found that 49 percent of adults in Ireland aged between 25 and 34 still go on regular holidays with their parents.

The study also showed that over half (58 percent) of parents still foresee paying for their grown up children when they're on holidays, and that 23 percent of young adults still expect their parents to pick up the bill when they're away.

However, two thirds of people said that they opted to go on holidays with their parents because they simply enjoyed spending time with them - and not spending their money. Apparently.


In a surprising twist of events, it's actual cheaper for parents to bring an adult daughter away with them rather than a son, with the former costing around €709 and the latter €766.

Not much of a difference but hey, we'll take it.

While the majority of people said that they wanted to spend quality time with their families, others said that a holiday would be the only time they could spend a prolonged period of time with their parents.

Other said that their family members go on the best holidays, while some admitted to wanting their holiday paid for by a parent.

"The world of family travel has changed rapidly over the last number of years with so much choice and exciting experiences available," said Sarah Slattery from The Travel Expert.


"There’s no longer such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ holiday.

"The typical shape of family holidays has changed dramatically, shifting towards multigenerational families enjoying experiences together, bringing grandparents, aunts, uncles and grandchildren along on a joint holiday adventure."

Whatever floats your boat.