Bride demands bridesmaids pay €2,500 for the 'honour' of being part of her wedding 1 year ago

Bride demands bridesmaids pay €2,500 for the 'honour' of being part of her wedding

A bride has come under fire after she tried to demand her bridesmaids pay €2,500 for the "honour" of being in her wedding.

Details of the woman's demands were shared on Reddit by a wedding guest, who explained that the bride-to-be ended up losing some of her closest friends because of her behaviour.


The post began:

"First of all, she had an Engagement Party to kickoff what is to be 10 months of constant celebrations leading up to the big day.

"This party was complete with personalized wine bottles for each of her selected MOH and bridesmaids. This was her way of choosing/announcing her attendants! You had to feel bad for the girls who were hurt they weren't selected for the honor.

"(A blessing in disguise, which you'll see...) One of the bridesmaids was her best friend for over 20 years, this is a relevant detail."

The guest explained that all of the attendants were told they had to foot the bill for their entire outfits.

They said:

“All of her attendants were required to go dress shopping with her, then shoe shopping, then accessories shopping.

“Once she was able to find the perfect ensemble for her day, they now were required to go shopping for their dresses and shoes and accessories.

“They were also required to have professional hair and make-up done.”

Then, for her hen party, the bride-to-be planned a week-long event - which included "renting a luxurious house in Napa Valley, complete with limo rentals to go wine tasting for three days."


It was then that some of the bridesmaids began to voice their concerns over how much the wedding was costing.

The Reddit user added:

“It's at this point that her long-time best friend pipes up and starts to complain about how much this is costing. (She's already out $700 just on the outfit).

“Bridezilla tells her point-blank, ‘This is MY DAY and I'm the ONLY one that matters!’

"Fast-forward a few hours and Bridezilla kicks her out of the wedding (and the Napa trip obviously) and says she never wants to see her again.

“Another bridesmaid decided she'd had enough too and bailed out on the Napa trip.”

The guest also broke down the cost for the "honour of being in the wedding," which ended up being $2,850 - or just over €2,500.


The post sparked a massive reaction, with many people in disbelief over the bride-to-be's "bratty" behaviour.

One person wrote:

"You’re asking people to do you the honor of standing by your side as you make an enormous leap of faith, not to spend a bunch of money to make you look and feel good.”


Someone else wrote:

"Okay. She's an idiot. And a self-centered asshole. Why do people think that their wedding is a reason to ask people to spend money and do whatever they want? I just don't get it!"

Another commented:

"Because it's HER day and she's the ONLY one who matters. I don't know how these people keep friends.”