Bride plans to feed wedding guests one chicken goujon each for dinner 1 year ago

Bride plans to feed wedding guests one chicken goujon each for dinner

Make it stop.

Looks guys, we know. It's been a while since any of us have been to a wedding of any significant size.


Small weddings? Sure. Micro weddings? Probably. But those massive weddings comprised of approx 200+ people where you don't know anyone except maybe the people at your table and you're pretty sure the open bar is going to bankrupt the father of the bride faster than you can say "chicken or fish"? It's been a long time since we've been to one of those.

Still though, we all remember how they work. You go to the church, you go to the afters, you make small talk with a lot of people, you drink many proseccos. You sit down for your dinner of one singular chicken goujon and wonder where it all went wrong.

The above may not seem like a real thing that could actually happen at a wedding, but it is - according to a Reddit user anyway.


The user, known only as 'artsygirl' has recently been sharing the trials and tribulations of a "nightmare" wedding currently in the process of being planned by a bride-to-be who is taking no prisoners... and feeding her guests one chicken tender each while she's at it.

"I'm not personally involved with this wedding nightmare, but I've heard all the gory details from the groom's mother," she said.

"200 people RSVPed, wedding is a week out at this point. While at the boozy bachelorette, bride calls [mother of the groom] and asks if she can pick up the food on the day of the wedding. [Mother of the groom] asks where she’s picking it up from and what it is.

"It’s 200 chicken tenders. That’s it. That’s all the food they’ve thought to order for the wedding. 200 individual chicken tenders for 200 people. Oh, and an open bar and a wedding cake."

Excuse me. The user then goes on to say that the long suffering mother of the groom then did her best to source a catering company to work the wedding.

"One company pulls through," she writes. "Bride asks if she can SEE THE MENU BEFORE SHE ORDERS ANYTHING. No 'thank you.'" Of course there was no thank you - the woman wants one chicken tender each on her wedding day. She's not okay.

In fairness though, we'd take any meal at this stage... as long as it's indoors.