Bride who gave her guests a weight-based dress code is now trying to find the 'snitch' 6 months ago

Bride who gave her guests a weight-based dress code is now trying to find the 'snitch'

Better buckle up, because this is going to get messy.

Earlier this week, a story of a bride's bizarre weight-based dress code for her guests went viral.

The guidelines demanded that the guests wear an outfit valued at least €633 ($1,000 AUS) - as well as another one, which was made up of different items depending on how much the guest weighed.

Because its the internet, the dress code was soon shared far

After seeing her initial message pop up on social media,the woman took to Facebook again - this time, to declare the the was going to be hosting a polygraph party to find out the "snitch". A super casual and relaxed get-together, clearly.

Her follow-up message, which was shared on Imgur, said that the part was going to be held this Saturday at 8pm, using a "real" lie detector test from Amazon.

Once the "rat who did this" is uncovered, the rest of the guests are going to be drinks and appetisers.

So, like we said, super casual.

Anyone who thinks they will be able to dodge the Polygraph Party has another thing coming, according to the bride-to-be.

Guests who can't attend the weekend "festivities" are going to be presumed guilty unless they can provide a good excuse.

She added:

"I promise, as long as you're innocent you have nothing to worry about."

As for what is going to happen to the "snitch" once they are caught?

The bride-to-be continued:

"I highly suggest whoever did this just tell me. I won't retaliate, I will simply cut ties and communication with you (and talk shit about you for a long, long time).

"If you have any information about who violated my trust and my wedding planning, I will give you $100."

She urged any guests unhappy with the requirements of the dress code to talk to her, suggesting that instead of participating in the dance, they can "help the crew clean up after dinner, volunteer to take videos of our dance or even contribute to the honeymoon."

She ended the post with a warning to the "internet trolls" who weighed in on the initial post.

She fumed:


"Then shut up! Go back to your scum basement and play video games and never f***ing make comments about people you don’t know.

"My husband and I are certified spiritual healers with over ten years of experience.

"Our wedding colours, fabrics, and intimate synchronized dance are something we hold very dear to our hearts. The expensive clothing represents the riches we wish to come.

"The black and camouflage outfits represents the aura of the devil that we must shoo away.

"The soda hats represent our wishes for an abundance of life saving liquid. You get the picture."