Dolly Parton Offers To Adopt Dog Left Behind At Glastonbury 8 years ago

Dolly Parton Offers To Adopt Dog Left Behind At Glastonbury

We have a lot of love for Dolly Parton in the office, from 9-5 to Jolene, she has an anthem for just about everything.

Not only is Dolly a talented singer-songwriter but it seems she has a big heart too as she has offered to adopt a dog left behind after this year's Glastonbury festival, which took place from the 25th to 29th June.


If the dog's owner does not come forward, Dolly has said she will take the white lurcher to America. The dog, who has since been named after Dolly, was discovered in a tent during the clean-up operation after the festival.

Dolly the dog was taken to Happy Landings animal shelter, which is located near the Glastonbury venue at Worthy Farm, Somerset.

The 68-year-old award-winning performer recorded a video message saying she is “very honoured” that the dog has been named after her.

"I was sad that someone left the little dog behind. How could that be? In the meantime everybody is on top of it and have promised they'll take care of that little dog. I feel honoured and flattered that they have called her Dolly."


Ah Dolly, we love you even more now!