Apparently, Meghan Markle's father is now planning on writing a tell-all book 2 years ago

Apparently, Meghan Markle's father is now planning on writing a tell-all book

We can't imagine the royal family will be too happy about this.

Meghan Markle's estranged father, Thomas, has told how he plans to write a book about the Duchess of Sussex.


The 74-year-old hasn't spoken to his daughter since she wed Prince Harry in May last year. However, he has made a number of pleas through the press for her to get in contact with him.

In his most recent interview, Thomas urged Meghan to end her rumoured feud with Kate Middleton and told how even though he has made mistakes, Prince Harry needed to "man up and get over it".

He also spoke to The Sun about his plans to write a book about "the good years" with Meghan, and "my one memories of her growing up".

He added:

“I miss Meghan a lot. She was a big part of my life up until she met Harry.

“But I don’t want pity. I remember my beautiful daughter from the time she was born.

“If she called me right now I would simply say ‘How have you been? I am glad to hear from you’.”

Thomas wouldn't be the first member of Meghan's family to announce they were writing a book.


Samantha Markle, Meghan's estranged half-sister, announced last year that she was penning a tell-all about the now-Duchess.

Now titled In the Shadows of The Duchess, the book is reportedly set to be released around the time Meghan is due to give birth to her first child.

Samantha told The Daily Star Online

“In The Shadows Of The Duchess covers everything… the world does not know truth total truth… (I’m) holding nothing back!

“From lullabies to’s all they’re in my book.