Sorry, did Drake just announce that he's dating Bella Hadid? 4 years ago

Sorry, did Drake just announce that he's dating Bella Hadid?

Pretty cryptic lyrics.

What else would you be doing on a Saturday, sure?


I've been listening to Drake's new album on REPEAT since he dropped it yesterday.

We now know that Drake has a kid, which he confirmed on the track "Emotionless".

But another song really caught my attention, because he seems to be singing about a lady-friend.


On "Finesse" Drake refers to a model that he's dating, who has a sister.

NATURALLY, the Internet (myself included) begand to speculate that he may be talking about Bella Hadid.

Which, firstly, would be shady because Drake and The Weeknd are BFFs,


He sings:

“I want my baby to have your eyes
I’m going against my own advice
Should I do New York? I can’t decide
Fashion week is more your thing than mine
I can’t even lie, I’d rather stay inside”


“You and your sister
Too hot to handle
Things would get cancelled
I would make time for you
Going the distance
I’m new to all of this”


I know, I know... lot's of models that walk in New York Fashion Week have pretty sisters.

But it sure is an interesting theory.

However, Bella did tweet a response to the lyrics, claiming they're not about her.

And so, my speculation continues.

My money is on Kendall Jenner, lads.