Everyone's Going Crazy For Tom Daley's Frying Pan 5 years ago

Everyone's Going Crazy For Tom Daley's Frying Pan

We need one of these in our lives.

There's nothing better than a fry at the weekend. Sausages, bacon, pudding, eggs and sometimes beans. However, it's almost impossible to get everything cooked evenly on the same pan. Usually you need two for a proper spread.


Tom Daley has put all our pots and pans to shame with his very fancy frying pan. He posted a picture to his Instagram account showing off his kitchen utensil and has everyone green with envy.

Feast your eyes on this bad boy:

Sunday morning full English breakfast for the American ? :)

A photo posted by Tom Daley (@tomdaley1994) on

Everyone is now going mad over this epic frying pan, including us.


While most people are very envious of Tom and his fancy frying pan, some others have raised some important points. One person added, "It's not going to fit in a dishwasher," and another pointed out that it might "cook things really unequally..."

We'd still take out chances and worry about the cleaning afterwards.



Lead image via Instagram/TomDaley1994