Kevin Clifton isn't ruling out returning to Strictly some day 4 months ago

Kevin Clifton isn't ruling out returning to Strictly some day

"Never say never."

He may be on tour with Strictly Ballroom at the moment, but Kevin Clifton has said "never say never" when it comes to returning to Strictly Come Dancing.


The professional dancer confirmed he was leaving the BBC show on Instagram back in 2020 to pursue his dream role in Strictly Ballroom.

Speaking to Her about the prospect of potentially returning to the show one day, Kevin said he would never rule it out completely.

He said: "Never say never. I don't think so, I can't see it as a dancer. Maybe if it was a judge or something, that's something I would love to do."

He went on to say that while it could be fun to come back to the show as a celebrity, it might not be fair for the others.


He joked: "I think that would be cheating, no one would vote for me because they'll be like 'nah, he's too experienced."

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Kevin told Her that the main reason he left the show in the first place was to join the cast of Strictly Ballroom, which is coming to Dublin's Bord Gáis Energy Theatre from May 29th to June 3rd.


Revealing it was a role that he simply couldn't pass up, the bosses at Strictly Come Dancing knew he would give everything up for a chance to star in the show.

He said: "It was always my intention to go back to [theatre] at some point. I did about seven years on the show, and then other opportunities were coming up. Strictly Ballroom was always the one that was my dream to do.

"I knew that it was going to start in the September and there was no way I could do both, so I had to say to Strictly if I get offered this role, I'm not going to be able to turn it down. They knew that."



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