WATCH: Taylor Swift Performs Incredible Acoustic 'Blank Space' 4 years ago

WATCH: Taylor Swift Performs Incredible Acoustic 'Blank Space'

A few days ago we saw a video of Taylor Swift performing Wildest Dreams and now she's back again with another acoustic version of one of her songs. 

While the performances were back in September, they've only appeared online this week.

An intimate audience were treated to an incredible version of her smash hit single 'Blank Space', from her 1989 album, at the Clive Davis Theatre in Los Angeles. The video was only uploaded to her YouTube account yesterday and it's already been viewed nearly 400,000.

Before performing, she spoke to the crowd about the inspiration for the hit song. She talked about the articles written about her love life and how the song was a response to all the media painting her as a 'psycho serial dating girl'.

"It's been awesome, I've loved it", she added sarcastically.

She made light of the situation and even joked about scenarios where she would be pictured next to a guy and the media would run with the headline, "Taylor Swift Standing Near Some Guy: Watch Out, Guy!"

Watch her acoustic version of 'Blank Space' here:

Image via YouTube/Taylor Swift