11 iconic Toy Show moments to tide us over until this year's show 2 weeks ago

11 iconic Toy Show moments to tide us over until this year's show

By Fiona Frawley

Toy Show 2022 is just around the corner, and soon kids all over the country will be dusting off their Stay Up Late passes and settling in for a night of magic.


It’s always a night to remember – some of the most iconic moments in Irish history have taken place during the Toy Show. And with just over a week to go til the 2022 instalment, we’re looking back on some of our favourite Toy Show moments over the years. In no particular order, obviously, because all these kids are great.

Stool Craft Kit, 1990

Throwing it way back to the golden days of Gay Byrne, during which these Kerry brothers were not best pleased by this stool making kit. These kids are trailblazers of Ireland’s tried and tested Ikea assembly method - “First we put it together, then we took it apart”.


Gay Byrne and Boyzone, 1994

At the peak of their fame, Boyzone made a Toy Show cameo to trial a Hot Wheels-esque car racing track. “Ah see I’m unbeatable Gay, ye know what I mean?” – Shane Lynch, as his car plummets off the track.

Lara Croft, 1999


In the Pat Kenny era, Stuart and David are enjoying a bitta Lara Croft on Playstation when the ‘real life Lara’ comes out to surprise them. She gives it her all, brandishing her signature two guns and striking poses but the two lads barely look away from their screens and in general, no one really knows how to react.

Toby and Girls Aloud, 2003

Here we see Toby giving it socks to Girls Aloud’s version of Jump. In typical Toy Show fashion, the band are right behind him with the intention of surprising him, but they give the poor fella the fright of his life. Shout out to his Gareth Gates spikes though, which remain in tact throughout.


John Joe the Horologist, 2009

We all remember this guy. In 2009, John Joe blew us all away with his clock knowledge and charm, not to mention his astute review of James and the Giant Peach.

“Any Craic”? 2012


Little Alex wasn’t having a bar of tubs, as he swiftly replies “Níl” to his attempted small talk and takes off on his tractor.

Michael meets Davy Fitz, 2019

Slick dresser Michael meets his GAA hero Davy Fitzgerald and they hit it off, despite not both being from Sixmilebridge. Michael asks Davy some questions about his managing technique, and is invited along to give the Wexford team a pre-game pep talk.

“Bullies Never Win”, 2019

Toy tester Sophia has an important message for bullies, and lets Ryan know that he’s not 400 years old, only 20. Finally, Sophia reminds the children of Ireland: “don’t let the bullies stop you from doing the things you want to do”. Naturally, not a dry eye in the country.

“Rock is the Best Medicine”, 2020

Am I the only one that still has this stuck in my head since 2020? Truly one of the most iconic moments in Toy Show history, from superstar in the making Noah Rafferty.

“A Hug For You”, 2020

It’s safe to say Ireland hasn’t been the same since Adam King was brought into our lives. A national treasure, future astronaut and all around dote, no list would be complete without  him being united with his beloved porter pal John Doyle.

DJ Callum reacting to Fergal singing Ave Maria, 2021

After Callum and his little brother Jackson delivered the DJ set to end all DJ sets, they were rendered speechless by Fergal's showstopping rendition of Ave Maria. Goosebumps.

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