Maura 'disrespects' Francesca in tonight's Love Island by asking Curtis for a sensual massage 10 months ago

Maura 'disrespects' Francesca in tonight's Love Island by asking Curtis for a sensual massage

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She knows what she wants.

And she's going to get it.

Last night, Francesca coupled up with Curtis.

It was a sad moment for Longford gals everywhere, as the Queen of the Villa was denied her prince and instead had to couple up with Chris, who seems grand but is nowhere near good enough for Maura Higgins.

It appears, however, that a little coupling up isn't about to stop her, as she takes things into her own hands during tonight's episode and asks Curtis to give her a sensual massage.

In front of Francesca.

Like, right in front of her. Like, making noises of delight as he rubs her.

Absolutely not able.

Tonight when she and Curtis are cheers-ing, Maura says: "To what? Sneaking out on the day bed tonight, when everyone’s gone to sleep?”

Later, she adds: “She’s [Francesca] never going to make you laugh the way I do.”

Harsh but yeah, probably fair, tbh.

Afterwards, Maura asks Curtis for a back massage. Francesca, naturally witnesses the entire thing and isn’t happy about the pair’s liaisons.

“I did find it a little disrespectful. I find that quite full on," she tells Curtis later, who is clearly not to blame here but hey, when the tea is so piping, what're you going to do?

Tonight's episode will also see Anton give his number to the woman serving them in the shop, when he, Tommy, and Jordan go off to get some ingredients to make some dinner.

Things seem to be going fairly standard, until they get to the check out and Anton remarks that the girl helping them is "quite fit."

He then slides her his number.