The End of The F***ing World season two trailer is finally here 11 months ago

The End of The F***ing World season two trailer is finally here

C'mon lads, is James alive or not?

In a few weeks, The End Of The F***ing World will return to our TV screens.

It's an exciting time for all among us who appreciate Alyssa's feistiness, James's shirts, and new characters who are quite mysterious indeed.

The second series of the show - based on the comic book of the same name - kicks off on Monday November 4, so we really don't have that long to wait at all before we're fully immersed in the world of chaos and mishaps again.

And now the first trailer for the series has finally dropped too. Delightful.

The trailer, which aired on Channel 4 yesterday, shows Alyssa running over to James's lifeless body after he is shot on the beach.

It also shows her trying on a wedding dress, working in a cafe, and meeting Bonnie.

"I'm Alyssa, I'm nineteen, and I thought I'd already had the shittest day of my life, but this is actually worse," she says in the trailer.

The clip also features a few flashbacks of Alyssa and James sharing a kiss, and generally wreaking havoc.

The trailer doesn't, however, confirm or deny whether James is actually alive after he was shot and left for dead at the end of season one.

Creator Jonathan Entwistle said previously that it doesn't really matter whether James is alive or not - a claim that we don't necessary agree with, tbh.

"In some ways, the cleanest, most epic, emo teenage ending is what we have," he told Collider.

"And it's literally like the crystallised version of this heightened world that we have there at the end.

"So, to a certain extent, it's the perfect circle for James. He always thought he was a psychopath, but meeting Alyssa made him deal with the things (...) he obviously wasn't a psychopath and he sort of knew that all along."

What the trailer does do is give us a glimpse of new character Bonnie, a woman who has a mysterious connection to Alyssa, and seemingly wants to hunts her down and cause her some strife.

It's all kicking off.

The End Of The F***ing World returns to Channel 4 on Monday, November 4.