Footballers' Wives The Musical is officially happening and we are ready 7 months ago

Footballers' Wives The Musical is officially happening and we are ready

Footballers Wives is making a return but not in the way that you remember so fondly.

Instead of seeing Tanya, Kyle, Chardonnay and co on your TV screens, they're now taking on the stage.

Yes, the popular TV show will be reimagined as a musical with the plot set around series one of the show, where Tanya and Jason Turner featured as the central characters.

Maureen Chadwick, one of the original show creators, is responsible for making this rather fantastic news happen but according to Radio Times, we won't see the original cast feature anytime soon.

There will be announcements made in due course regarding upcoming castings for the musical.

However, don't lose faith completely as reviving the programme itself hasn't been ruled out just yet.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4 recently, Liz Lake, a writer and producer who previously worked on Footballers Wives said:

"I'm typing as we speak! Wouldn't [another series] be nice?"

There's no confirmation as of yet but we live in hope.

It's thought that the recent spat between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy has, in part, inspired the revival of the show and one thing is clear, no celebrity scandal captured the public eye quite like it.

Coleen accused Rebecca of selling stories about her to the press and managed to figure out it was her former friend by conducting some impressive detective work via social media.

If you need to refresh your memory on the whole saga, we're happy to help with a little explainer here.