Friends fans have noticed a massive error with Monica and Chandler's wedding gifts 4 years ago

Friends fans have noticed a massive error with Monica and Chandler's wedding gifts

It's hard to believe Friends came to an end more than 15 years ago.

But thanks to constant re-runs, Netflix, and catchy one-liners, the beloved sitcom is still going strong.


Even though we will always have a soft spot for the six cast members, it's been hard not to notice some of the small errors that cropped up on the show in recent months.

Like the problem with Monica's wedding dress. Or the really creepy detail about Rachel's date with Joshua.

Or that whole thing about when Phoebe was on the phone for two days.

However, one eagle-eyed user has noticed another one (again, involving Monica) that, honestly, we can't believe we never spotted before.


It happens in The One With the Red Sweater which, beyond being the episode where the gang start to find out that Ross is the father of Rachel's baby, is also the one where Monica can't help opening all of the wedding gifts before Chandler gets home.

As pointed out by a fan on Twitter, one of the gifts that Monica opens becomes unwrapped, rewrapped, then unwrapped again all in a matter of moments.

First, she frantically unwraps it.


There it is, all wrapped up again.

And then again, totally unwrapped.


The magical wrapping-and-rewrapping gift isn't the only error that fans have noticed lately.

Last month, a fan took to Reddit to point out that Phoebe was moving "faster than light" in the first ever episode.

She's seen in the kitchen, telling Rachel how she'd pulled out four eyelashes, before she appears across from Paul The Wine Guy with a mug of tea not he other side of the apartment.