Here's what it looks like inside the villa for Love Island 2018 4 years ago

Here's what it looks like inside the villa for Love Island 2018

It's back on our screens in just a few days.

And ahead of Love Island's fourth season, ITV have revealed what the villa will look like this year.


Does it look a bit familiar?

That's because it's the same villa as last season. Though the accents thought the place have been given a pink-and-blue makeover - just to reinforce Love Island's holiday motif.

The villa in Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, Majorca, will play host to eight weeks of the ITV summer reality show from Monday June 4.

The new look of the villa has the words "banter," "strip, "wet"" and "get grafting" being daubed on the walls.


Other notable changes include the return of the beach hut and the hideaway has lost its gold leaf.

Anyways, here's some of what you will be seeing when Love Island returns.

The glimpse inside the villa comes as this year's starting cast members were revealed.


This year's instalment of the constructed reality show will be the longest running ever and has had new regulations introduced, including a ban on smoking on camera and a set of "sex rules."

A spokesperson for ITV said: "There will be no smoking within the Love Island villa or the main villa garden this year."