Louis Theroux is making another documentary about rap 3 weeks ago

Louis Theroux is making another documentary about rap

Great news for Louis Theroux fans.

Beloved broadcaster Louis Theroux has been a busy man for quite some time. This week saw the release of his documentary, The Bambers: Murder at the Farm, which delved into the case of Jeremy Bamber and the White House Farm murders.


Theroux served as executive producer on the four-part series, and it seems he won't be taking a break any time soon.

Earlier this week, Louis revealed that he is working on Forbidden America, a brand new documentary for BBC 2, which will see him make his highly anticipated return to the world of rap.

Die-hard Theroux fans will, of course, remember his first encounter with rap in the 2000 series Weird Weekends.

In it, Louis rapped live on air, and it was truly something to behold.

Thankfully, that wasn't the end of his foray into the rap world, as he'll be exploring the music genre through the lens of social media in Forbidden America.

But that's not all. Theroux will be delving deep into a range of topics in the upcoming series. The journalist will also be examining the rise of the far-right online, as well as the porn industry.


The official synopsis reads for the BBC 2 show reads: "In 'Forbidden America', Louis explores how online has collided with the real world, helping the far-right build solidarity, creating power shifts in the porn industry and seeing rap artists live-streaming feuds."

Speaking ahead of its broadcast, Theroux told the BBC: "The world has gone through massive changes, in particular from the effects of social media. Far-right groups that have found new influence through gaming and streaming services.

"Porn performers have seen power shift to them as they’ve embraced creator-controlled apps and called out alleged predators in the industry.

"And in the rap world young men with big dreams are caught up in feuds and high-risk behaviour in the click-driven world of social media.

He added: "These three documentaries were tough to make. They required delicate access conversations."


A release date for Forbidden America has yet to be given.